A Short Film by Farbod Khoshtinat

An unconventional love story

JOSH spreads sexual rumors about his bully TYLER in his high school in order to get revenge.

When Tyler confronts him to come clean, Josh refuses to confess on camera. Furious Tyler, scared of his mom and the rumor to come out, with the help of his friend SAM decides to take matter in his own hands by physically forcing Josh to confess.

But Josh does not give in and reveals why he has lied to everyone, to get Tyler’s attention for this moment:

He pulls out a letter and reads from it. “When we were 6 years old, you kissed me and you told me you love me. I still love you too, but what happened to you! Why things changed and why have you been torturing me every day ever since?”

The Director

Farbod Khoshtinat is an LA based Iranian Director. Since a very young age he has been nurtured and mentored within the Iranian "New Wave" cinema and later expanded those teachings through his academic education in west.

Farbod has worked on variety of short pieces and his award winning short film about democracy in Iran has been screened in venues such as, United Nations, Director's Guild of America and MPAA and was personally awarded by US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

After 10 years of cinematic studies, Farbod has recently moved to LA to pursue his path in independent Film making.

His Statement

For every act of bigotry in adolescents, usually the child gets the blame, not what made them this way.

How can we blame the child who was conformed to be homophobic? Do we truly believe that he would have grew up to hate the same way without the influence of family/society?

This tradition of hatred has been passed down through generations and is still well alive and ongoing.

This film is a depiction of victims of this tradition; two little boys tangled in an unconventional story of a suppressed love.

-Farbod Khoshtinat


The Team

Trace Talbot

As Josh


Asa Germann

As Tyler


Jordan Kyle

As Sam


Sepehr Mikaeilian



Sam Chatterjee

Director of Photography


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